1st Mini Album -adaptor-
"Nothing to the World"
"Every Rain"
2nd Full Length Album-Indefinable-
"Carry Out"
1st Single-Spit it Out-
"Lost My Friend"
1st Full Length Album-Live Freaky! Die Freaky!-
"Do We Have the Rights?"
1st Full Length Album-Live Freaky! Die Freaky!-Trailer

"Carry Out"
2017.6.4 at Million Rock Festival 2017
"Egoistic Feeling"
2015.8.15 at AMEMURA RING CIRCUIT 2015
"From This Room"
2013.12.21 at Pangea,Osaka
2013.8.24 at RYUOU DRAGON HAT,Shiga
"Do We Have the Rights?" with Special Horns
2012.9.29 at Hamaotsu B-flat,Shiga
"What the Fuck are you Waiting For?"
2012.2.11 at Takamatsu RIZIN,Kagawa
"Hoppin'& Steppin' SHOW CASE 2011"
2011.5.4 at CLUB CITTA',Kanagawa
"Ichigo Ichie"
2011.7.17 at Takamatsu RIZIN,Kagawa
"Live Freaky! Die Freaky!"
2011.5.28 at Tight Rope,Aichi
"More Short and Fast,Bay Skin Robbins,#1"
2010.11.14 at WALL,Tokyo
2009.11.3 at B-flat,Shiga,Japan
"Get on the Van!!"
2009.11.1 at Thunder Snake,Kanagawa
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